Education in Essan is not just about going to school and learning to read and write, it is also about training to do a valuable job within a community. Championing education is about developing skills, be it care for their elderly through giving medication or care, it is about honing in their arts and craft and finding modern ways to get their produce to the best quality and standard they can.

It could be learning to be a tailor, making garments for friends, families, the community – the widening of horizons and exporting!


With this knowledge, the community will develop a pool of resources and a library of knowledge. Teaching the art of pot making, printing, weaving, introducing traditional concepts and designs unique to the area into their creation. Sharing knowledge then learning how to sell their expertise to the world.

We want to partner with individuals and organisations who will support our journey to encourage learning, the sharing of knowledge, the building of businesses, the export of Essan’s beautiful gifts, products and services

We want to instil the value of ‘Friendly Trading’ with each other and organisations. This means ethical dealing where we believe strongly in ‘no taking without giving’, where collaboration reigns and no room for exploitation.

We want everyone to know what a good place Essan is to do business with and trade!