To move produce around or outside the country, to trade well and offer a good quality service, a community or country needs a good infrastructure of roads, electricity and water. His Royal Highness, the Etsu of Essan has made this possible by making it his priority to improve these areas in his Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Essan is now linked by suitable roads for transport, have clean water as well as electricity supply. These things, although taken for granted in the western world, make life truly easier in Africa. Less time is spent fetching water when there is a tap, more high quality work is done when there is electricity and good roads.

Communication is a good result of sound infrastructure, a valuable commodity.

The more business brought into Essan, the more money that can spent on freeing people to expand their horizons, learn new skills, learn about other people’s lives, to make better produce and share the good in all our lives.