Proud, dedicated, hardworking, teachers, tradition keepers, home makers, givers of strength, mothers, wives, backbones of the home – all words and phrases that can be used to describe the ‘Women of Essan’. Our women work tirelessly to ensure that Essan ‘ways’ are maintained and passed on to future generations.

From production of shea butter and the African black soap to working hand in hand with the Essan men, these women are forces to be reckoned with.

The women of Essan are proud of who they are and what they do in their homes and villages. Their strength, achievements and contributions to their family’s livihood, their villages, communities, kingdom and ultimately country cannot be underestimated

They work in the heat of the sun, their babies comfortably swaddled on their backs, they sing in unison, they laugh, they shriek and show off their skills and passion. They teach their daughters – as a rite of passage – how to do their chores and jobs. Their children in turn, throw themselves into the work, competing with their mothers and friends to perfect the art, make the fastest, strongest and quickest produce such as shea butter.

  • The women of Essan want to feel pride in their work and themselves
  • The women of Essan want to earn money and respect
  • The women of Essan want education for themselves and their children
  • The women of Essan want to be proud and content and expand their
    understanding of life
  • The women of Essan want Essan on the map!

By raising awareness of recognition of their hard and cheerful work, this encourages their pride and self-value, helps build their communities further and elevate their export value


Nigeria Cooperative of women Alliance (NICOWA)

The women of Essan are proud of their certificate of Recognition issued to Yelwa 1 women cooperative Alliance by the Nigeria Cooperative of women Alliance (NICOWA). NICOWA is cited by its National president as “the umbrella body of all women cooperative societies in the country is poised to mobilise women to optimally benefit from agro allied businesses while serving as agents of peace, stability and progress in their communities”.