The steps to work with us include

  • Initial Information: Please contact us with your enquiry
  • Friendly Trading Test: Your business proposal will be sent to the Friendly Trading Association along with your company information
  • Acceptance: If your business proposal is accepted into the Friendly Trading Association, a meeting will be requested and upon success, your company information and link to your web page will be listed as a ‘Friendly Trader’
  • A point of contact will then be assigned to you in order to evaluate and review prior to presentation to the Etsu of Essan

Essan welcomes proposals from individuals and organizations from all over the world.

Collaborative Alliance Benefits

  • Empowerment and sense of achievement
  • See the fruits of ones labour: the potential to see the end products on shelves across the globe
  • Equipment: use of modern equipment such as mechanical grinders and crushers, filters and packaging to required standards
  • Training: maintaining a long held tradition but modernizing the process to comply with health and safety regulations
  • Infrastructure: The possibility of building a production facility and other facilities
  • Put Essan on the map: showcase resources, dedication, capabilities of the women through websites and social media
  • Accreditations and Certifications: Recognizing Essan and a production hub (e.g. Fairtrade)
  • Community Projects: Partner with Naturally Tribal to embark on future community projects which will ultimately benefit the overall community (e.g. schools)

Essan’s Alliances

The people of Essan continuously seek collaborative and mutually beneficial non-government partnership with individuals and companies with visions aligned to theirs aimed at supporting the people of Essan, particularly the women and children realise their vision – ‘Put Essan on the map’ by ensuring that the natural resources they harvest and produce are fairly and profitably traded across the globe.

This will not only empower the people, give them a structured outlet but also provide income and funds back to the community. Not only will quality of life of the Essan people be improved but financial reward will be achieved. A win win situation is therefore sought which would support Essan as a kingdom and benefit our collaborators’.

The ultimate goal is to see products from Essan made available to other companies within Nigeria, Africa and across the globe.

Sample of Collaborative Alliance with Essan

Essan has embarked on its first collaboration and joined forces with an organisation called Naturally Tribal Skincare Limited, a United Kingdom based company who share a similar passion for nature and its resources.

The Naturally Tribal mission is to turn “Natural African and other unique Ingredients” into nurturing goodness by sourcing  and utilising  natural seeds, nut trees and oils to improve and enrich skincare for our customers, using innovative products.

Some of these African Natural ingredients are sourced from Essan. Our collaboration has led to Naturally Tribal naming one of its product ranges after the Kingdom of Essan – ‘The Essence of Essan Range’


Please click HERE to find out more about Naturally Tribal